How man enough are you? There are certain closet items every man should have. Check the checklist to see if you have the following items in your closet, and determine if you are man enough or not.
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Take a quick look, whether mental or physical, at your wardrobe. Are your clothes well folded? You should have your clothes folded neatly. Folding neatly ensures that you can easily see your clothes when you need them. For instance, if you’re going to an all-white party and would need a pair of white jeans, you could quickly locate the jeans.

Do you have enough hangers for your clothes? Or are they folded anyhow and dropped in the corner of your wardrobe. You may argue that you don’t have a lot of clothes like women, so you don’t really need hangers. Well, the thing is that it is really tidy to have hangers to keep clothing that doesn’t require folding. By using hangers, the clothes which need to be ironed are as neat as possible. So you do need enough hangers in your closet. 

Do you have enough underwear vests? Or have you just been recycling those three pieces of underwear vests? As a man, you need to have a variety of underwear vests for different types of clothing. It is expected that you wear a vest under official clothing and buttoned shirts or polo T-shirts, while polo underwear should be worn under an unbuttoned jacket. An uncool thing to do is to wear vests under your unbuttoned jackets or shirts. You know yourself. Don’t do that. Have a variety of underwear, and wear appropriately.

You may be wondering why socks? Don’t be like those men who wear their shoes without socks. Don’t at all. Socks are like the underwear of the feet. They are essential closet items for men since they wear shoes that cover their legs. Guess what? Socks are also good for the night, but they would have to be thick in texture compared to the thin socks worn inside their shoes. 

Yes, you should not sleep in your regular clothes. You should have separate wears for sleeping. If you don’t have any pyjamas, get one. It is a vital closet item. Having your pyjamas on make you feel light and comfortable while you sleep. 

This is another essential closet item for every man. Don’t go about looking like a desert. You need to keep your bodies moist and free from all dryness. As a man, you may have to go through rigorous activities, so you have to ensure that your skin is protected from the sun or hard substances you might encounter when you go out. 

This is an essential item in a man’s closet. Why? Do you know that the stench men emit is really strong? When men work heavily, they tend to sweat a lot. Imagine going around with armpits smelling like a dumpsite? You definitely don’t want that, right? If you don’t have deodorant, drop everything you are doing, after reading this article and go get one.

Now, how many of these must-have closet items do you have? If you have all, congratulations, you are a real man.

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